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GIS= geographic information system, CA = cellular automaton, ME = multi criteria evaluation

Softwaretool for planning, economy, science, and education

The software GISCAME (formerly „Pimp Your Landscape“) supports the simulation, visualisation, and evaluation of land use changes. Due to its modular structure, problems can be elaborated individually from different perspectives. 

GISCAME pursues the aim to evaluate land use based on available regional knowledge (empirical data, model results/reports, and expert knowledge) in order to provide a tool to weigh action alternatives for the planner. GISCAME considers the landscape as an integrative layer for interactions between different land use types, land users, and ecosystem processes, which contribute to the provision of ecosystem services. The integrated evaluation and regulation system allows the formulation of parameters as well as the setting of conversion rules. 

GISCAME is one of three components of the GISCAME Suite. For bundling data and for selecting a model region from an interactive map, the software OSM4GISCAME is used. Data which contain gaps or which have too low thematic resolution, can be completed or specified with the help pf the structure generator SG4GISCAME.

GISCAME is based on three methodological approaches:

cellular automaton (modified)
geographic information system
multi-criteria evaluation

Areas of application:

visualisation of impacts on land use planning alternatives 
support of spatial explicit decisions
simulation of alternative planning scenarios 
identification of conflict areas
tool for building compromises
e-learning instrument
evaluation of planning instruments

Further fields of application and reference projects are listed here.

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2017 Poleko Poznan

Premiere of the new GISCAME-Suite generation: During 16.-19.10. 2017 at the Poleko fair at BMBF stand PiSolution presents the newest product version of the GISCAME suite.

April 2017

GISCAME is part of the course at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

January 2016

GISCAME summer school took place at the Institute for Landscape Ecology in Concepción, CL

April 2015

Biomass Add-On and GISCAME in a RegioPower article of the latest GLP Newsletter (S. 12)!

December 2014

GISCAME-Study in the News Alert of the European Commission! For details click here.

2014 Poleko Poznan

Premiere of the new GISCAME generation: During 13.-17.10. 2014 at the Poleko fair at BMBF stand PiSolution presents the newest product version of the GISCAME suite.


During 27.-29. October PiSolution presents  the newest product version of the GISCAME suite at EUREGIA fair. GISCAME was further developed regarding land use assessment, estimation in biomass potentials, processing of geodata and much more.

Visit us at Congress Center Leipzig, Level 1, Stand E 13.

July 2014

Graduation of Dr. Susanne Frank. The application of landscape metrics for the assessment of land use change within the software GISCAE were subject of the study.


GISCAMEis being further developed in the context of two BMBF projecs. It is going to be applied for the consideration of land use changes in West African states.

June 2012- July 2015

For the project RegioPower, the add-on Biomass Module was developed for GISCAME. It facilitates the comparison of land use scenarios concerning biomass development.

June 2013

GISCAME for education: In the master course "geoinformatics" at Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany, students work for two weeks intensively with the software. Additional to scenario development, add-ons, like CA (Cellular Automaton), LSM (Landscape Structure), and WE (Water Erosion) are applied. Research papers are available under Service.

Märch 2013

In a sub-task of the GLUES project (University Leipzig, Germany), a game interface was developed on the basis of GISCAME. Its instuments allow the gamer to slip into the role of a politician, who can control the fate of a virtual state with the help of various measures.

December 2012

The software GISCAME will be applied in the project "Lebendige Luppe" as PR tool. Targets are for example knowledge transfer concerning ecosystem services and the playful awareness-raising of certain land use changes. The software is being adapted in coordination with the project partners.

Literature database

The ENFORCHANGE project –“Today’s forests for tomorrow’s environment“– aimed at creating a basis for future sustainable land use and forest management. A large literature database was developed, which contains geodata and publications regarding the model region. A focus was the digital acquisition of difficult available literature from the former GDR, which are available now here in the literature database.

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